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Real Dream

YUKAWA, Yasha swordsmith story 4


One night, Yukawa aws sleeping on the couch, and a Japanese sword appeared in his dream so realistically that he could not tell the difference between reality and a dream. He jumped out from the couch and told his girlfriend whom he was dating at that time that he was going to be a swordsmith.  10 minutes after he found Matsuba swordsmith business card, he was calling him in Japan....



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Turning Point 転換期

YUKAWA, Yasha swordsmith story 3


Yukawa swordsmith seemed to have so many ups and downs in his youth. From the age of 16, he spent his first seven years working as an artist in Tokyo. His work was mainly to draw pictures on the walls of restaurants and clubs.

For two years, he returned to Stockholm and worked in music. Then, he came back to Tokyo again, where he tried to work in music, such as composing, but it did not work out well......



YUKAWA, Yasha swordsmith - Childhood era

Grew up with the Japanese swords


Yasha’s father had trained in Shotokan karate in Japan, and he was the first Japanese to teach karate in Scandinavia territory.  He also taught Iai. 

At that time, many Japanese swords were available in Europe.  His father also appraised and resold them. His father might be influenced by Yasha's grandfather since he was a sword collector.....



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YUKAWA, Yasha(湯川夜叉)swordsmith



I was very at find a swordsmith in my home town.

His name is YUKAWA, Yasha.


He received the swordsmith license authorization in 2015 after he trained to be a swordsmith under MATSUBA, Kunimasa(松葉国正)



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Memories of training era - Haoka swordsmith

HAOKA, Yoshihito Swordsmith - Season 1-4 (日本語は英語の後に続きます)

After receiving certification of the swordsmith in 2013, Haoka swordsmith won the Newcomer Award at the New Masterpiece Exhibition (currently the Modern Swordsmanship Exhibition) sponsored by the Japan Art Swords Preservation Association. Since this first award, he has continued to receive the Effort Award......