Blended APPLE Matcha (sweetened)

Blended APPLE Matcha (sweetened)

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Product description
  1. Blended Apple Matcha (sweetened) is made with Japanese Matcha and apple powder. You can drink it straight, it also makes a great matcha latte, refreshing iced tea, mocktail.
  2. Product shelf life: Best before – 1 year , Open – Consume as soon as possible
  3. Store in cool, dry place and keep away from direct sunlight
  4. Origin: Shizuoka, Japan



Sugar, Dextrin, Matcha, Barley young leaf powder, Apple powder, Flavour


Product features
  • All products are supervised by the only 37 "Japanese tea experts" in Japan. The blend is easy to drink even for those new to matcha.
  • JAS certification, HACCP, HALAL (Japan)


How to make Apple Matcha (sweetened)
  1. Place 10g of matcha into a cup.
  2. Pour 140cc of hot, cold water/milk into the cup.


⭐️ Nutrition Facts (per 30g)

Calorific value 115.2kcal
Protein 0.5g
Fats 0.0g
Carbohydrates 28.2g
Sugar 21.3mg
Sodium 0.8mg


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¥ 350 / pack

Located in Shizuoka Prefecture

Shizuoka prefecture lies at the foot of Mt Fuji which is the symbol of Japan. Shizuoka is located at the center of Japan and is richly blessed with nature and scenic views of the sea, mountains, rivers and lakes. It’s called the “Food Capital” because Shizuoka is the number one producer of fruits and vegetables and so on in Japan. The fresh foods that have been grown in this rich nature are sent out to cities throughout Japan and abroad.
In the many foods, the most famous ones are ‘Green Tea’, ‘Mikan’, ‘Wasabi’ and so on.


Manufactures, wholesales & three generations with enthusiastic tea farmers

Since its founding over 65 years ago (since 1957), we have used the latest technology to manufacture a variety of OEM tea products for retailer, raw material for business use and bottled tea products


  • 2021 World Green Tea Contest Grand Gold Medal ‘Premium Bottled Tea T-Ⅲ(three)’
  • 2020 Shimada City Masterpiece Anniversary 2020 ‘Matcha, Hojicha, and Wakocha Nama Chocolate Ganache’
  • 2019 World Green Tea Contest Grand Gold Medal ‘Thank you Tea bag’
  • 2018 World Green Tea Contest Grand Gold Medal ‘Premium Bottled Tea Koshun’
  • 2018 Shimada City Masterpiece Anniversary 2018 ‘Premium Bottled Tea IBUKI’
  • 2016 World Green Tea Contest Gold Medal ‘Premium Bottled Tea IBUKI’
  • 2016 Yoshimoto 47 Prefecture Matcha Chocolate Gold Prize
  • 2015 10th Anniversary for masterpiece of new Shimada city in 2015, ‘Matcha and Hojicha Chocolate Ganache’ are certified
  • 2015 FUJINOKUNI New Product Selection 2015 Gold Medal ‘Minami Alps Tea bag’
  • 2014 World Green Tea Contest Gold Medal ‘Hanger Tea Bag’
  • 2014 Japanese Tea Award Good Tea Category Jury Award
  • 2014 Japanese tea Award Aroma Tea Category Jury Award 
  • 2011 World Green Tea Contest Gold Medal ‘Nozomi’
  • 2010 World Green Tea Contest Grand Gold Medal ‘Ryoku-Sei-Kou’
  • 2013 FUJINOKUNI New Product Selection Gold Medal
  • 2009 Shizuoka tea fair Shizuoka Governor Award 
  • 2008 World Green Tea Contest Gold Medal ‘Wakocha Black Tea’
  • 2007 Kanaya tea fair second prize
  • 2006 MAFF center Chairman Award 
  • 2006 Japan Cha-gyo center Chairman Award 
  • 2005 Shizuoka Governor Award
  • 2003 Minister of MAFF Award
  • 2002 Tokyo Governor Award

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