Barley Chocolate Dacquoise

Barley Chocolate Dacquoise

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Product Description
  1. Barley Chocolate dacquoise (8 packets)

It has been lovingly prepared by using only selected ingredients. Please savor it during your moment of relaxation.

  1. Baked sweets chocolate
  2. Egg whites (including eggs, domestically produced), Sugar, Almond powder, Edible processed oils, Chocolate (Contains milk ingredients & soybeans), Barley powder, Sugar powder, Cocoa powder, Dried egg white, Black cocoa/Konjac extract, Fragrance
  3. Product shelf life : Best before 6 months
  4. Store at room temperature, place away from direct sunlight

※This product is manufactured in a maintenance facility that uses wheat, peanuts, and soybeans.

※The surface of the product may be wet, but this is due to the moisture and oil content of the cream cake.



Cream of chocolate almond and barley (wheat flour)

Barley's fragrant dacquoise texture

Dacquoise with chocolate cream sandwiched between dough using domestic barley and two types of cocoa powder.


Way of serving

Cake is recommended to eat with coffee or tea~



⭐️ Estimated nutritional information (per pack)

Calorific value 118kcal
Protein 3.2g
Fats 6.0g
Carbohydrates 13.3g
Salt equivalent 0.06g



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¥ 1,180 / box

Tochigi prefecture is the largest producer of "Barley" in Japan

  • Create a sustainable society centered on barley
  • Develop and share the wonder and potential of barley to the world
  • Promote the local barley of the largest barley-producing area in Japan to the rest of the country
  • Offer the best prices, quality, and service as a leading local food manufacturer
  • Make every effort to ensure that our growth becomes a vital part of the local community

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