Medley of colours

Medley of colours

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Product description
  • Tube painting tapestry
  • This is a technique in which glue mixed with bran, glutinous rice, and other ingredients is placed in a tube, and patterns are drawn with the glue from the end of the tube and dyed after the glue has been prevented
  • Material : Linen
  • Length 120cm x Width 45cm

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¥ 20,800

Kurochiku Co. Ltd.

In 1974, Kurochiku Co. Ltd. started business in Kyoto. The founder, Setsuto Kurotake, was born between a Miya carpenter father and a lady in Nishijin weaver family line. Naturally he valued the “succession of Japanese tradition” and launch his business in the field of manufacturing and sales of Japanese goods and artifacts, restaurant, hotel

and architectural design. He even works on reproducing and preserving Machiya (conventional Kyoto houses) and planning cultural or traditional events, backed by the spirit to add cutting edge techniques into the beauty sense of Japanese culture


Tapestry presents picture or pattern by woven fabrics and is used as an interior item. Kurochiku􏰀s tapestry based on Japanese culture has various size available in order to hang even in a small space of wall. It is made by some methods like;

“Kata-zome” painted by paper stencil plates, “Sumi-gaki” drawn with pigments and dyes, “Tsutsu-gaki”, a sort of reserve painting, and “Te-gaki” drawn carefully by hand.

You can insert your favorite flowers into “Hanaire” tapestry to make your room comfortable.

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