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INADA, Kentarou Profile
Higo Zogan   His artist name (pen name) is Mitsuhide(光秀); hereafter I introduce him as Mitsuhide. He was born in 1976 in Kumamoto city. At the age of 19, he became an apprentice to Mr. Tomoaki Kawaguchi(河口知明), a master of Higo Zogan. After training for 7 years, he became.....     View more on Substack
What is Higo Zogan
肥後象嵌   Higo Zogan is an inlay metal work product made in the Kumamoto area. In the past, it was developed as a decoration applied to the Japanese sword handguards, so called tsuba, but now this technique has been passed down as a decorative item for accessories and interiors......     View more on Substack
KUDO, Masashige(工藤将成) 1-6
His recent activities   Kudo’s first work was a small knife without a blade crest that he made in his 2nd year after he started. In 2004, he exhibited his sword for the first time at the New Sword Exhibition and he received the Effort Award and the Newcomer Award. In the following year of 2005, ......     View more on Substack
KUDO, Masashige(工藤将成) 1-5
Independent 2021 冠落短刀 努力賞1席 (#1 Award for Effort)   In 2001, Kudo received official authorization to be a swordsmith. Two years later, Master Fujiyasu asked him to make a single long sword, and Kudo tried one. Kudo swordsmith himself wanted to make an old Bizen piece, but in the end, he was .....     View more on Substack

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